Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Back

Yes, it's true, I've decided to come back to blogging after an almost 2 1/2 year absence.  My life is just as boring as it was two years ago, however, I have realized that I still have something to share. 

Last night, I randomly decided to look at Aggressive User. What I discovered, is that I share things here that I don't write in my journal. My posts on here tell a story about me that isn't shared elsewhere, and as such, it should continue to be told. So, here we go again.

Check out this awesome Ted Talk given by Maysoon Zayid; a comedian with cerebral palsy. It's worth watching.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I seriously doubt it, but that's okay.  Why haven't I blogged for the past seven months?  Because even on my best days my life is pretty boring.  However, there have been a few things that have happened that deserve mentioning.

April-My roommate Molly moved out after living with me for over two years
May-I started an editing internship with Eschler Editing
June-At the end of the month, we had a family reunion in Paris, Idaho (Bear Lake).
July-my new/old roommate,Veronica, moves in again, and we both experience roommate nirvana
August-I started dating a boy named Mike.
September-I get my first van!  This event deserves it's own post; see below
October- Mike and I break up
November- On some date in November, that is still unclear to me, I started dating Adam.  Does anyone else see a pattern there?
      So, those are the major events since last I wrote. Now you are all caught up.   You are welcome.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Baby, You Can Drive My Car"

Because I can't.  Yet...
Yesterday my mom brought me a huge surprise...a wheelchair accessible van!  Thanks to the generosity of my amazing parents, and my Mom's cousin Kaye,(pictured above, and the previous owner of the van,) I can now take my power chair anywhere, and I have a lot more freedom.  The van is fully equipped to meet all my needs.  Now all I need is a driver's license...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot, Hairy Mess

I am searching for a new tenant/roommate right now, which is always a fun experience.  I advertised the condo as animal-friendly and specified that the new tenant must love love dogs since I have two hyper canines.  Early this morning I received this lovely email.  I have been laughing about this "Hobby Breeder" all day, and felt I had to share her words here, since this is my first run-in with an animal hoarder in-training.

Kim writes:
"Do you need a pet deposit? I have 2 huskies, a german shepherd and a cat. Im a hobby breeder, My german shepherd is pregnant and my husky has 7 puppies (they all will go to their new homes by may 8th)"

     In case you lost count, that's eleven animals she wants to bring with her. ELEVEN. Yes, the puppies will be gone by May 8th, but soon they will be replaced by another litter, and since she is a hobby breeder, there is no end in sight.
      Soon after I adopted Olivia, I took her to be spayed.  However, the procedure had to be postponed, when it was discovered that she was already pregnant.  About a week before she gave birth she developed a very serious case of the most disgusting diarrhea I have ever had the pleasure to clean up.  Then along came her seven pups, who quickly learned how to push down the walls of their enclosure, and spread chaos, (and poo) through out the house.  The next six weeks were hectic to put it mildly, and there is no way I will ever willing descend into puppy hell again.   Especially with six other pets in the mix...
     So here are some questions for Kim:
What in the world are you thinking?  Have you inhaled so much fur that it is impeding your thought process in much the same way cocaine might?  What landlord in their right mind would ever rent to such a hairy mess?  
     Kim, dear; perhaps you should consider delaying your "hobby-breeding," until you own a large house, situated on a large piece of land.  Might I suggest a farm?

Friday, January 28, 2011

What I Actually Read in 2010

Last year I had a goal to read fifty books, and I actually succeeded!  At the beginning of the year, I made a list of books that I wanted to read.  If you are interested, here is the original List, and the list below is what I actually read.
     I read many good books in 2010, but the top six, (in order of reading),that stuck with me the most were:

1.  A Virtuous Woman
2.  The Book Thief
3.  The Sky Is Everywhere
4.   Interpreter of Maladies
5.  Let the great World Spin
6.  The Help
1.  Strange Red Cow And Other Curious Classified ads From The Past   By Sara Bader 
2.  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter   By Kim Edwards
3.  Ellen Foster   by Kaye Gibbons
4.  A Virtuous Woman  By Kaye Gibbons
5.  Time Sex and Power: How Women’s Sexuality Shaped  Human Evolution By Leonard Shlain
6.  Shutter Island   By Dennis Lehane
7.  Prayer   By Spencer W. Kimball
8.  The Five Love Languages For Singles   By Gary Chapman
9.  The Pleasure Of My Company  By Steve Martin
10.  Northanger Abbey By Jane Austin
11.  The Book Thief By Marcus Zusak
12.  Like Normal People  By Robert Myers
13.  The Blue Castle   By  L. M. Montgomery
14.  The Elegance Of The Hedgehog   By Muriel Barbery
15.  The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society   By Mary Ann Schafer & Annie Barrows
16.  The Sky Is Everywhere  By Jandy Nelson
17.  Before I Fall   By Lauren Oliver
18.  Happens Every Day: An All Too True Story   By Isabelle Gillies
19.  The Case Of The Missing Marquess   By Nancy Springer
20.  The Hunger Games   By Suzanne Collins
21.  Catching Fire   By Suzanne Collins
22.  Looking For Alaska   By John Green
23.  My Left Foot By Christy Brown
24.  Going Bovine   By Libba Bray
25.  One For The Money   By Janet Evanovitch
26.  The Book Of Mormon: Another Testament Of Jesus Christ  By The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
27.  Two For The Dough   By Janet Evanovitch
28.  The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat And Other Clinical Tales   By Oliver Sacks
29.  Packing For Mars: The Curious Science Of Life In The Void   By Mary Roach
30.  Mockingjay   By Suzanne Collins
31.  The Financial Lives Of The Poets   By Jess Walter
32.  The Believers   By ZoĆ« Heller
33.  Let The Great World Spin   By Colum McCann
34.  Behind My Eyes   By Li-Young Lee
35.  Interpreter Of Maladies   By Jhumpa Lahiri
36.  The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy  By Douglas Adams  
37.  The Magician’s Assistant   By Ann Patchett
38.  The Patron Saint Of Liars   By Ann Patchett
39.  The Handmaid’s Tale   By Margret Atwood
40.  Room   By  Emma Donoghue
41.  Life Of Pi   By Yann Martel
42.  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows   By J. K. Rowling
43.  The Golden Compass   By Phillip Pullman
44.  The Subtle Knife   By Phillip Pullman
45.  The Amber Spyglass   By Phillip Pullman
46.  The Help   By Kathryn Stockett
47.   The Phantom Tollbooth   By Norton Juster
48.  Taft   By Ann Patchett
49.  This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies Of  Remarkable Men And Women   By Jay Allison and Dan Gediman
50.  From The Outside Looking In: Short Stories For LDS Teenagers   Edited By Chris Crowe

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Question And Answer

Q. How much do twelve vials of blood and various testing of said blood cost?
A. $839. 40

Q. How much do four x-rays cost?
A.  nearly $600 (I don't have have the bill in front of me).

Q. Was anything useful learned from this very long, very expensive, and frusterating appointment?
A.  No, but it did completely drain me emotionally.  I really love doctors.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mixed Messages

I am annoyed.  I am bothered that when I find myself sucked into yet another episode of Sixteen And Pregnant, every commercial brake begins with oiled up men, being chased by several women who proclaim " I want your bod."  Although, this show is supposed to be showing how hard teen pregnancy, somehow they have completely missed the mark.  Thank you "Bod Man" cologne and MTV for that wonderful mixed message, you have obviously found your target audience.  I also think it's slightly horrible that teen girls are purposefully getting pregnant just to score an audition for the show.  Well done, MTV, I pledge to never watch that show again.
     I am annoyed at how disgusting my floors are.  It's futile for me to mop, when my tire tracks are never far behind.  The floors are not my responsibility, for obvious reasons, but I am seriously considering becoming a sacrificial human mop.  I would happily get down and scrub on my hands and knees, if only I had a way to guaranteed way to make it safely back into my wheelchair.
      I am also annoyed that I have no way to load the pictures from my camera to to my computer.  I'm not going into the details right now, but it sure does make for a boring blog.
I am now finished complaining.
     Actually, my life is pretty darn good, if all I have to complain about are TV shows and dirty floors.  MY visiting teacher, Kathy brought me some delicious corn chowder tonight.  It was really good, I want the recipe.  Both of my visiting teachers are really good women.  I want the recipe to becoming as good as they are.  I know that was a cheesy sentence, but cheese makes everything better.
     Don't worry, I'm stopping now.